How we got here

WareHAUS is a division of the IT Company VelocityRDT based in Hampshire UK. Founded in
2011 it has grown year on year & has now brought to the market:

  • The First Bluetooth Wearable Camcorders – Now used in law enforcement
  • The Worlds most advanced IOT smart sensor for taking energy reduction down across buildings by up-to 80%
  • A newly patented wireless predictive sensor to enable preventative
  • maintenance to occur reporting the
    structural health of most infrastructures Inc. Elevators, Escalators,
    Railways, Bridges, Lamp-Posts, Turbines, Fuselage, Hulls etc..
  • It was surveying huge empty warehouses and distribution centres that gave the idea for
    WareHAUS & then in September 2017 a challenge by the Ordnance Survey, HM Land Registry
    & Northumbrian Water was advertised calling upon innovators and specialists to answer key challenges faced today
  • VelocityRDT answered the Geovation challenge & was shortlisted with its WareHAUS project,
    becoming finalists in February and Final Winners of the 2018 Geovation Awards head at the
    Royal Geographical Society London on 16th February 2018

And now WareHAUS360 becomes reality…